Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton (sample product)


The only and ultimate superfood you’ll ever need; Marine Phytoplankton is the best food based multivitamin in the world! It’s responsible for up to 90% of all the oxygen we breathe. 

Oceans Alive has what your body needs for optimal health, sustainability, youth, and LONGEVITY! 

oceans Alive 2.0 goes straight to work as soon as you put in your body. Just ONE drop a day is all you need to get your 

  • Supports a healthy heart!
  • Significantly improves your brain’s bandwidth!
  • Supports healthy cholesterol and blood pressure balance!
  • Eases joint discomfort and inflammation…
  • Increases vision acuity
  • Promotes healthy liver function

As soon as you begin taking Oceans Alive, you’ll feel more natural energy throughout the day! (*not some artificial high)

And because every part of your body is balanced properly and getting the nutrients it desperately needs, you’ll feel less stress, sleep better at night, and wake up FRESH AND READY!


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What is Oceans Alive?

 marine phytoplankton has been on this planet for billions of years and provides a powerhouse of nutrients. It’s a single-celled, microscopic organism that’s much like chlorella and spirulina. Believe it or not, marine phytoplankton is responsible for the creation of the oxygen environment on this planet. Since we rely on oxygen to live, life without marine phytoplankton would be no life. It can also protect us from human life here on earth! Here’s another fascinating fact about Oceans Alive (aka marine phytoplankton): According to Activation Products (I quote): “every drop contains more than 5 billion identical cells of energy that feeds your mitochondria like nothing you have experienced before.”

Oceans Alive is a complete protein, as it contains 10 amino acids, including the ones our bodies can’t produce on its own, along with trace minerals. If you’ve got cancer, diabetes, low energy, indigestion, foggy mind, or any other health problems, Oceans Alive can enhance your health and overall well-beingsignificantly. It also protects and reverses DNA damage and feeds every (billions) of cells in the body. Both my dad and I had increased energy levels, more mental clarity and better digestion.

It has a green color, with a seaweed/nori, almost salty taste. The taste isn’t my favorite, however, I like it overall. My dad really likes the taste though! It really helps to add it into foods to balance out its taste. I added about 10 drops everyday in my watermelon juices, and you don’t even taste it! I even added a large drop into my banana ice cream once, and it was yummy (when you swirl it in the ice cream, though…)

Oceans Alive is a product EVERYONE should take on a daily basis to stay healthy and/or achieve optimal health and well-being. Even if you already eat a healthy lifestyle, it wouldn’t hurt to implement these superfoods into your life.

Why Is Marine Phytoplankton Special? 

MD Nutrition Professor at University of Utah Medical School, Hugo Rodier, says, “Marine Phytoplankton makes available to us – every amino acid, vitamin, mineral, polysaccharide, or healthy sugars and essential oils that the body needs”.

Check this out: According to Activation Products, Marine Phytoplankton is 8,000 TIMES more powerful than all superfoods combined! It contain every life-giving molecule that makes up the ENTIRE kingdom of plants, animals and humans! Pretty fascinating if you ask me. 


Health Benefits

Oceans Alive™ is made from a natural power food that feeds nearly all life on Earth in one way or another. A tiny ocean plant called marine phytoplankton already supplies up to 90% of the air we breathe. As if that wasn’t enough, it also has a unique ability to tap into your body’s reserve of youthful energy. We get reports from nearly everyone who tries Oceans Alive that they experience an overwhelming feeling of untapped energy and focus the first time they use it.

It’s naturally packed with nutrients that boost your health in a multitude of ways. Its natural antioxidant content reduces oxidative stress, it promotes healthy cellular growth and development, and it boosts cognitive function and mental focus. We promise you’ll be blown away by how quickly Oceans Alive™ goes to work and how powerfully it will improve your overall health.

Ingredients + Usage

Ingredients: Blend of marine phytoplankton in a purified concentrated macro and trace mineral solution.

Suggested Use: 12 drops, once daily under the tongue or mixed with water or juice.


Shelf-Life/Storage Instructions:
Oceans Alive must be capped and stored at regular room temperature in a dry place out of direct sunlight. When stored properly, Oceans Alive will remain fresh for 36 months.

No need to refrigerate.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Is Oceans Alive™ contaminant-free?

Yes. The marine phytoplankton in Oceans Alive™ is grown 100% in a photobioreactor in our facility in Spain. It’s not grown in the ocean because, unfortunately, the pollution would compromise its integrity and purity. A photobioreactor is a sealed growing environment, where the perfect ingredients are combined. Ultra-pure ocean water, CO2 and natural sunlight provide the exact conditions for growing marine phytoplankton at its best.

In other words, we have created a closed off mini-ocean, without the pollution, waste, heavy metals and bacteria of the real one.

How is Oceans Alive™ made?

Oceans Alive™ is made from two premium strains of marine phytoplankton. These strains have been upgraded through genetic selection.

We choose the best samples of marine phytoplankton from each batch and use them to grow the next batch. By doing so we are able to grow the most nutrient-packed phytoplankton in the world. It’s incredible. Each batch of marine phytoplankton that we grow is literally better than the last.

We harvest the marine phytoplankton from our bioreactor and then mix it with a clean trace mineral solution. Then we bottle it.

What if I don’t like Oceans Alive™?

While most people love Oceans Alive™, if you don’t — that’s okay. As always, you are completely covered by our 60-day money-back guarantee.

How often should I take Oceans Alive and can I take too much at once?

Oceans Alive is a whole food. You can take it every day.

Can you take too much? Yes. You cannot overdose on Oceans Alive but there is a lot of magnesium in the trace mineral solution that keeps the phytoplankton alive, so if you take too much at once you can expect to have very loose bowels the next day.

It’s so concentrated you do not need to take much. One dropperful is all you need in a day, however if you are going to have a highly active day or if you feel like you need a boost, you may want more.

Is Oceans Alive safe for consumption during pregnancy?

While Oceans Alive is a natural product that contains no additives, we cannot recommend that you use it during pregnancy without consulting your doctor or midwife. If you are interested in taking Oceans Alive or any other marine phytoplankton supplement and are pregnant, we urge you to speak with your primary healthcare provider.

Will Oceans Alive help me lose weight?

Oceans Alive is not a replacement for a healthy diet, although it does nourish your body at the cellular level. Burning more calories than you eat is what allows you to eliminate fat. Exercise also builds muscle, which weighs more than fat, so we don’t necessarily focus on weight loss, but rather fat loss and muscle building through exercise. The energy increase you get from Oceans Alive may make it easier for you to commit to increased activity levels, which can in turn help you to achieve your fitness goals.

How should I store my Oceans Alive?

Oceans Alive will remain fresh and potent when stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. The shelf-life of Oceans Alive is three years.

How do I know the bottle of Oceans Alive I receive in the mail is fresh and unopened?

The bottle itself is a hi-tech design from Germany. The dropper has a small plastic ring that is connected to the dropper itself. When you open it for the first time you will hear a small crack as the ring releases, it will then drop and sit on the neck of the bottle.


What are the most common uses of marine phytoplankton?

In the ocean where it grows naturally it is the primordial food for 95% of marine life and produces as much as 90% of the oxygen in our atmosphere. On land it is cultivated and used for biofuel, fish farms, exotic aquariums and human nutrition.

What is Marine Phytoplankton?

Marine phytoplankton is a species of microalgae that grows in the ocean. There are more than 43,000 known and identified strains in existence and an estimated 200,000 or more in total. Oceans Alive contains two strains, carefully selected to find the best match for the human nutritional profile.

Marine phytoplankton feeds 95% of the life in the ocean and is responsible for producing as much as 90% of Earth’s oxygen.

To discover more about marine phytoplankton, visit our blog.

What is the Best Way to Take Oceans Alive?

You can take Oceans Alive mixed into a beverage of your choice or, if you are very daring, you can put it directly under your tongue for rapid absorption. For our top 5 recommended ways to take OA, check out our blog.

Is Oceans Alive safe for everyone? Do the doses vary?

Oceans Alive is generally safe for everyone, though we never recommend products for children under 18 months or pregnant women. Speak to your or your child’s healthcare provider if you are interested in taking Oceans Alive, but aren’t sure if it is right for you.

Many customers have also reported great results when they give our products to pets, which is also perfectly safe and can very beneficial to their health too.

Doses are based on a 150 lb adult, so if you are concerned about dosage you can simply adjust the amount given according to weight. Many of our customers choose to increase the amount that they use to see faster or better results, which is also fine. It is not possible to overdose on this product, though customers may experience some discomfort if they start off taking large doses. It is advised that you start with a small dose and work your way up to the recommended amount and beyond.

It is important to note that Oceans Alive is living marine phytoplankton in a trace mineral solution. For some people, the quantity of magnesium in the mineral solution can take some getting used to. ‘Superdosing’, that is, taking as many as three dropperfuls a day, is not recommended if you have not already been using the product without digestive upset. Also, some people are concerned about the quantity of sodium in the trace mineral solution. This is a healthy source of sodium (which is a required element of human nutrition), but if you are on a sodium-restricted diet for medical reasons, you may want to speak with your healthcare provider before taking Oceans Alive.

Will Oceans Alive help to increase muscle mass?

Amino acids are utilized by the body during any form of exercise. Oceans Alive contains the full spectrum of essential amino acids, also known as complete protein, but resistance exercise is what builds muscle mass.

How much marine phytoplankton is in one dose of Oceans Alive?

Each dropperful contains 300 mg of living marine phytoplankton.

What does marine phytoplankton eat?

Marine phytoplankton is a microalgae, in other words, a plant. It doesn’t “eat” per se. Through photosynthesis, phytoplankton absorbs sunlight, which it stores in sugars it makes from CO2 and water. The light energy is converted into usable chemical energy and oxygen.


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