Raw Vegan Teen’s 13 Day Watermelon Fast Experience

Although this post is a bit delayed, I completed my longest fast/cleanse so far on my raw foods journey! I did a 13 day watermelon fast, where I solely ate watermelons, and it was amazing! Like always, I did this fast with my dad, and it was fun! It really makes this lifestyle so much easier when you do it with someone else.

I’m going to be sharing with you how I felt on all my 13 days eating nothing but watermelons. Hope you enjoy and get inspired to go on a watermelon cleanse, as well.


On September 23, I started my watermelon fast. For 13 days, I ate nothing but watermelons. Whenever I got hungry, I ate watermelon.While on this cleanse, my body was able to cleanse and detoxify. Watermelons remove toxins and waste from the body, so cleansing on them for 13 days was great. My sleep has definitely improved while on watermelon island, due to the magnesium content found in watermelons.

watermelon island

Day 1

I felt loopy, had a slight headache and my body desired some rest. I already started to experience detox symptoms on day 1 of watermelons. Overall, I felt good.

Day 2

Since I got my rest last night, I woke up well rested. I was more energized today, and I didn’t get any headaches. I felt my heart purifying. Day 2 was great.

Day 3

Woke up feeling energized and had mucus breaking up. My eyes felt as if they were detoxifying. Thus, they hurt a bit, and I had a headache that left quickly. Overall, I felt great on day 3!

Day 4

Woke up with a slight headache that left and came back in the afternoon, evening and night. I gained more mental clarity and energy. Day 4 was great.
Day 5
Woke up with a little headache, that lasted until the afternoon. The headaches I am experiencing on watermelon island are detox symptoms. Overall, I felt great.
Day 6
Woke up with a small headache that continued on in the afternoon and evening. I felt a bit loopy in the evening and gained more mental clarity. My skin is glowing! Besides the loopyness and headache, I felt great.
Day 7
I woke up feeling great! I gained more mental clarity and a bit more energy. I felt loopy in the afternoon and evening, but gained more energy at night time. i didn’t experience any headaches, which is good.
Day 8
Felt loopy all day, as if I’m on a water only fast. Experienced a small headache in the afternoon, evening and night. But overall, I feel good.
Day 9
I woke up feeling awesome and energized! I didn’t get any headaches; I gained lots of energy on day 9.
Day 10
I felt great. Had a small headache in the afternoon, but thankfully, it left. Besides that, I felt great.
Day 11
I had a small headache in the evening and night, but overall, I feel good.
Day 12
Woke up well rested. I drank predominantly water today. Felt loopy.
Day 13
Last day of my watermelon fast! 

Woke po feeling great and with energy. I gained more mental clarity and I didn’t experience any headaches.


I broke my fast on dried mulberries, and it was complete bliss! As you know, I LOVE MULBERRIES, and eating them again was awesome! After my cleanse, I entered banana island. I incorporated salads, smoothies and banana ice cream. I didn’t have to break my fast slowly or eat lighter foods, unlike water fasting, since I was already eating on my cleanse.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and got inspired to maybe go on watermelon island, too. If so, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!


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