Banana Ice Cream Drizzle Delight with Chocolate Chunks

If you have not yet made banana ice cream (which is simply made out of frozen bananas) you have not truly experienced ice cream and its complete yummy-ness and healthiness. Banana ice cream is the absolute BEST and one of my favorite healthy dessert. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner – without guilt! Banana ice cream is free from dairy, sugar, fat, and guilt. Thus, it makes the perfect snack or meal and you can top if off with endless toppings, which I love and like to go all in. 

This ice cream is simple: plain banana ice cream drizzled with black strap molasses. Black strap molasses is my new favorite syrup and sweetener. I use it to make desserts, my rawesome chocolate sauce, drizzle it inside ice cream, and even add 1 tablespoon or so in my morning water ritual. The back strap molasses I use is from Wholesome Sweet and you can purchase it here.

Now, let’s get to the recipe, shall we?! 😉 



Serves 1 person 

  • 4 frozen bananas (bananas should be spotty which indicates ripeness; peel and freeze) 
  • Wholesome Sweet black strap molasses, drizzling on top
  • Raw Healthy raw vegan chocolate bar either homemade or from Yes Cacao (sign up for free here to get exclusive coupon code


Before anything, be sure to make sure your bananas are truly RIPE. By ripe, I mean, your bananas have GOT to have cheetah spots on them, otherwise, they won’t be sweet or easily digestible. If you buy your bananas at the store all yellow, place them in a brown bag so they can ripen quicker. Otherwise, store them in a warm place in your kitchen to speed up their ripening process.

Once your bananas have developed cheetah spots, peel and freeze em, in either a baking dish, bowl, plate or plastic bags. Let the bananas freeze for about 3-6 hours, or overnight. The bananas should be completely frozen before it can make ice cream.

Once the bananas are ready, place the frozen ones in your high speed blender and blend until a creamy and smooth consistency. I like to blend


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