The Green ‘Exception’ Smoothie

epic sweet green smoothie
My dad and I decided to switch it up and start drinking smoothies again. My dad loves this smoothie and says it tastes like apples! While adding apples to this smoothie would make it yummier, I’ve already exceeded the recommended 5 ingredient smoothie limit.
What is the 5 ingredient smoothie limit? 
I learned this from Arnold Kauffman from Arnold’s Way and Megan Elizabeth from Easy To Be Raw on YouTube. 
The 5 ingredient smoothie limit is where you should only add 5 or less ingredients in a smoothie. Adding more than 5 is too much. This is optimal for digestion. The less ingredients your body has to digest, the better. Most of our energy is spent on digestion, which can make us tired, lethargic and even age us quicker. The more optimal you keep your digestion, the better. More on this in a later post. 
It’s important to note though: When I initially made this smoothie, it was at the beginning of my raw foods journey and at the time, I had no awareness of the 5 ingredient smoothie limit. Now that I do, I never add more than 5 ingredients in my smoothies and I would encourage all of you too to keep it at 5 ingredients oe less for optimal digestion. There’s more to making smoothies than to just throw in as many ingreidnets possible and see how it’ll turn out. 
epically sweet kale green smoothie
So that’s why I call this smoothie, The Green ‘Exception’ Smoothie because I don’t normally add so many ingredients in my smoothies. But this is all powerful and healthy, so feel free to give it a try. You don’t have to add all the ingredients that I added, as this smoothie can do great without the dates, bananas and carrots or even parsley. This is YOUR smoothie. Add and remove whatever you want, just as long as it’s not a whole lot of ingredients, hehe 😉 
sweet green smoothie
Epic Sweet Green Kale Smoothie:
serves 4 – approx. 8 cups 
  • one head of organic kale
  • 3 organic carrots, peeled or unpeeled
  • handful of organic parsley
  • 2 celery organic stalks 
  • 4 pitted dates
  • 3 bananas, peeled 
  • meat and/or water from one young coconut (add more water, as you will need it to make it thin)
  • juice of one lemon (to preserve & for taste)
Wash, cut and peel as needed. Place everything in your blender (I use a Dash Blender) and blend until creamy and smooth, adding as much water as possible. Pour into glasses, sip, drink and smile! 🙂 
kale green smoothie

Do you like smoothies? Which one do you prefer: smoothies or juicing (or maybe both)? What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? What do you like to

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  1. I love smoothies, and green ones are so good and so healthy!
    I enjoy both juices and smoothies and think they are healthy for different reasons. I like a mix of them 😉
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. I seem to go through phases. In one phase I cannot get enough of smoothies (and I almost always make them green, cause why not add the added nutrients), and then suddenly I’m a bit tired of smoothies and go juice. At the moment, I’m juicing everyday, but I year ago, I would green smoothies everyday. My favourite smoothie would be a green chocolate cherry smoothie, my favourite juice contains apple, celery,spinach, cucumber and lemon.

    • I believe having a mix of both – juicing & smoothies. Both are really epic as I mention in my posts. Sometimes we can get tired of the same thing over & over again. I know how you feel. If I find myself getting tired juicing or smoothies, I’ll just switch it up and have what I didn’t have.

      Mmm… Your chocolate cherry smoothie sounds YUM! Thanks for sharing with me your favorite smoothie and juice recipes! 🙂

  3. I love both smoothies and juices. I like to drink smoothies in the morning or after workouts, but I like sipping on juice throughout the day. I’ve tried wheatgrass before and it’s definitely intense! But knowing that it’s so good for me makes it easier to handle.

    • I agree with you 100% – I also like both. I believe a mix of both juices and smoothies is great. I just like smoothies more because you get all the nutrients and fiber.

      YES, wheatgrass is definitely intense, but like you said – knowing it’s good for you makes is easier to handle 😉

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