The Dangers of Drinking Cow Milk & Where Do Vegans Get Calcium

the truth about milk

Milk, milk, milk. Oh, typical milk. “Drink your milk! It’s healthy for you, kids”!

cow milk

As a child, we are taught and brainwashed to think (Mother’s especially, who are only being influenced by the media) that we need milk because it is healthy; it promotes strong, healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis. We hear it almost everywhere: the media, magazines, books, movies, commercials, doctors, parents, teachers, nurses, family members, and friends. They’re all trapped into the Dairy Industry Lie: milk is great for bone strength and to prevent osteoporosis. Actually, milk weakens your bones. Not surprising to me, though.

Milk Is Toxic!
toxic cow milk
The truth of the matter is, dairy milk is NOT healthy; as they make it seem. I’d never understood that until I became a vegan. My dad knew the dangers of milk, and we used to use the organic milk with no hormones and antibiotics. But what we didn’t know was that dairy milk isn’t REALLY HEALTHY.
cows on grass
What’s Milk & What’s It Made Out Of?
Dairy (cow) milk comes from cows (obviously). In other words,
an animal. “Okay, so what am I trying to say”, you may ask? Cows are being mistreated in a very bad way. The conditions in the factory farms are disgusting and very disturbing. Unfortunately, cows don’t live a happy life. The poor cows are being pumped with antibiotics, hormones, dirty bacteria and other toxic chemicals to help keep them alive in their disgusting factory farms. Otherwise, if they didn’t have all these drugs in them, sadly they’d die immediately because the conditions are so poor, dirty and gross. Cows aren’t even treated in a humane way. They are being treated like dirt. They don’t even feed them the right food. So technically, the milk you’re drinking isn’t from a happy, healthy animal. This is a very serious post, people.

If you don’t believe me when I say animals are being treated cruelly, then I highly suggest you watch Earthlings & Food, Inc. It might change your point of view and way of thinking at animal abuse. Beware to be alarmed, though! The two movies document what happens in reality – not fake life. So they aren’t made up or anything. The events in the docs show what happens to actual animals in real life! It is saddening… but it happens every day in the typically, sick factory farms. There are a lot of great documentaries that talk, show and really get deep in exposing the TRUTH on what happens to poor animals in factory farms. I’ll just leave you with these two docs. =(
mother cow and baby cow

cows in a cage

cow bleeding

cow getting dragged
ever wonder why cows looked huge in their milking area? hmm… hormones. the poor cow can barely walk in the picture. =(
cow breast hormones

While the animals are alive, they experience stress, fear and pain that cause diseases in their bodies. Yes, just like humans. Stress is the number one cause of disease. So, all that goes into your milk, AND your body! Animals have feelings too, you know. In order to be a being, you must have a heart, a digestive system, eyes, mouth, taste, senses, feelings – and animals have just that. Plants, however, do not have a digestive system, a heart, feelings – so it’s okay to eat plants. You see what I’m trying to say.

Now on the other hand, animals aren’t “just animals”. No. They are more then that. Animals have their own personality, and they’re just like one of us… in a furry form, though. Just give them their respect, and they’ll respect you back. Talk about their own personality. Anyway, hopefully you get what I’m trying to say here. The hormones in the milk can lead to early puberty in kids. Ever wonder why kids are growing up and developing so fast? Maybe it’s the hormones presented not just in dairy, but in meat, too (it’s the foods that they eat, of course! it’s NO good on the body! and it shows from the inside and out!). I definitely do not want the sadness, pain, drugs and all the agony that animals went threw in my food and in my milk. Would you like that in your milk? All that affects with your mood, the way you think AND act. Eating and using animals as a resource to live life is not meant for human survival at all!

what do you want in your milk? did you know that milk contains the following:
what's in your milk
what you may not know may hurt you. 
Sounds yum??? EWW NO!!! YUCK! ><
got pus
the pus presented in cow milk is the reason why most people get cysts, swollen and enlarged lymph glands. have you ever noticed a bump on someone’s body? unfortunately, my mother has one on her wrist, and has pus in her lymph glands (in her throat). that’s called a cysts. the cysts is usually filled with a white coloured cream (eww… all the diary milk that you consumed in your life. it’s catching up to you now by popping out of nowhere!), and is very painful to remove. Thank goodness I don’t have one. 
On many dairy labelings, the manufacture’s make it seem as if the animals lived a happy, healthy life. They don’t tell you the secret behind the animals suffering, do they? No, of course not. The animals went threw a lot before being packaged and entered into your supermarkets. It’s just sad. 
farmland cow logos
happy cow logo
horizon organics logo
milk myth carton
The Milk Myth
You’re probably a witness of hearing, or being told that milk is great for building strong bones. Maybe because of the protein and calcium it contains. Okay, but maybe you didn’t know that it’s a myth that milk will give you strong bones. Like I said above, milk actually weakens your bones
rather then strengthening them. If you drank dairy milk from the day you were born up until your an adult, then over time, your bones will slowly weaken, leading up to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones become weak and break easily. No, osteoporosis isn’t caused by the lack of milk you drink. It’s caused by the EXCESSIVE AMOUNT of milk and dairy you eat and drink. Your bones will only get thinner and thinner. By the time you know it, sadly you’ve got osteoporosis that could’ve been easily avoided.
this is what will occur if you choose to drink dairy milk
healthy bones vs osteoporosis

It’s no surprise that milk causes all sorts of serious health problems. From cancer, to diabetes, to kidney stones, to osteoporosis (which we already established), to enlarged lymph glands and pus, to weight gain – oh boy. The list goes on and on. Extra protein is no good; as it can cause kidney problems in adults, as well! I’m not joking, people. This is serious stuff. It’s funny because there’s NUMEROUS of studies that show and prove that milk IS the cause to osteoporosis, many serious health problems, and it does not protect against bone strength. You can’t beat the facts. If you were to do a Google search on the dangers of drinking cow milk, you’ll discover the TRUE FACTS, and its ugly, dark secret about dairy milk.

do you get the photo below? the cow is drinking drugs in the orange tube, and pumping out milk (in the right) into milk cartons. so, that’s what you end up drinking. can someone say, “YUCK”!
cow in gas station

this is what will happen to your lymph glands if you choose to drink dairy milk. one word: PUS!

swollen lymph glands

Okay, so even if you don’t care that the cows were treated like dirt, I would at least hope that you care about your own body (and your health). If your attitude is not for the cows – then at least do it for the sake of YOUR HEALTH and your FAMILY’S HEALTH! If you want to learn more about the TRUE FACTS about milk and what it does to your body, I highly suggest reading The China Study. Its a great book.

this picture explains the corruptness of the Dairy Industry. They know that people actually believe in the ‘milk & protein myth’, which is why they are laughing at us in the photo. the picture is funny, but yet, so true. 
dairy industry lie card
holstein's cow milk letter
the more you think about think cartoon pic

So, the question is: why do we (humans) drink milk anyways? Mainly for vitamin D, calcium and protein, right? 

Well, here’s a little summary: 

Vitamin D: We should really only get this from the sun. And no, the sun does not cause cancer! That’s another myth right there. Expose your skin to the beautiful sun! Don’t be afraid. The sun wasn’t put here on earth to give people cancer. 

Calcium: Milk is very acidic (disease can only live in a body that is at an acidic state), and our bodies require an alkaline environment (disease cannot live in a alkalized body). We actually stop the acidity with calcium. Our bodies can’t absorb calcium from milk anyways, so our bodies have to LEECH CALCIUM FROM OUR BONES! Which means, over time, milk will thin your bones. It doesn’t strengthen them! It will only get thinner and thinner and thinner! I’m not trying to scare you (If I am, oh well) but these are true, real facts that I believe everyone should know about. 
So, now you’re probably wondering, “where do you get your calcium from, since you don’t get it from animal products”? Well, calcium is naturally found in broccoli, kale, other greens and plant foods. The calcium found in those foods are very-absorbable, and will strengthen your bones. 

Proteins: This is the famous one. It seems as if this is carnivore’s favorite question to ask vegans, “where do you get your proteins”. This question actually makes me laugh every time. I find this question very hilarious because there are numerous of resources where us vegans get our proteins from. We get them from kale, spinach, other greens, brown rice, beans, hemp seeds (they are a complete protein, by the way!), peanut butter, bananas, other fruits – the list goes on and on. 
Have you ever heard of protein deficiency? Maybe not because it rarely develops as a severe condition. It’s not as serious as vitamin deficiencies, though. It’s known as the “Protein Myth”. The truth is, we don’t need protein to survive. If you don’t exercise, then you don’t really need to worry about eating proteins. We especially don’t need ANY source of protein that comes from animals. We do, however, need good protein. And by good protein, I mean protein that comes naturally from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. We need those good proteins, just like we need those good fats. It’s a comparison that makes perfect sense. Can you dig it? 
But you don’t have to worry about this whole protein stuff unless of course, you’re a bodybuilder and exercise and want muscles, which in that case, I recommend getting your proteins naturally from tofu, hemp seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Plants are the number one source for protein. You bet you heard me right. There are so many natural foods from Mother Nature that are great in calcium. Take a look at the picture below. 

foods that contain calcium
no dairy milk
What happens when you eat too much protein? You become huge, bloated look, too much muscles, etc. There are side affects on intaking too much protein. Just do a google search for yourself and you’ll see the photos. 
So, where do vegans get their calcium? How do you think vegans have strong bones and muscles if they don’t eat or dink milk and intake protein from animals? Look at me for example. I’m flexing my vegan muscles. And I don’t eat animal protein, & I don’t drink cow milk. What’cha gotta say now? I’m vegan strong!
Miliany Bonet flexing muscles

Milk was never intended for human consumption, in the first place. Any milk that comes from an animal is simply not healthy! Okay, just think about it: WHY ARE WE (HUMANS) DRINKING THE MILK OF ANOTHER SPECIES? Do you see dogs suckling milk from a pig or a horse’s tit? No, because that would be wrong for one, and that wouldn’t make any sense now would it? See my point? Allow yourself to be open-minded to the truth, and nothing but the truth!

this picture is very funny, but it’s also real life, too. some people actually think this way, and would say this, too. 
it's natural to drink cow milk cartoon photo
Would you go to a cow and drink its milk straight from its tits? Would you go up down to a cow (or animal) and do this? Of course not…Then why do you drink milk?
guy drinking cow milk

child drinking cow milk straight from cow tit

Cows milk is for cowsNOT humans! It’s very abnormal for humans to drink cow milk. Think of it like this – would cows go up to you and drink milk straight from YOUR tits? Would a cow come up to you and start milking you if it could? No, right… because that would be very wrong, silly and would not make any sense. It’s silly to think that humans need to drink milk from another species. Okay, I know we are humans who like creamy fats… BUT there’s seriously no excuse to get our fats from animals.
even the cows are telling us that we should drink human milk. See… 
drink humin milk - cows
Now, which picture looks more normal to you?

this one:             
abnormal woman drinking cow milk
 or this one: I would hope you picked the second one (the lamb, not the human). it’s more natural for animals to drink animal milk. But for humans to drink animal milk, that’s just plain silliness and wrong in many ways! 
baby cow drinking mothers cow milk 
heathy & unhealthy milk cartons
There are a lot of way better, non-dairy milk alternatives to dairy milk. Try hemp/almond/soy/coconut/rice/brazil/cashew milk. Yes, nut milk! Believe it or not, it’s MUCH MORE healthier, and tastier than dairy milk. Plus, it contains more calcium than dairy milk! I am proud to say that I don’t drink milk from another species, and I don’t get pus. And you can be proud like me, too. All dairy is nasty. I feel sick to my stomach at just looking at the photos.
whats in your milk carton
poison milk carton
Honestly to me, the milk mustache stuff isn’t even cool. The media (like the ‘got milk’ commercial especially) makes it seem as if it’s cool to get a mustache from milk. who care’s about the milk mustache, anyways. I know I don’t. I never understood that when I used to drink milk. 
kids with milk mustache
The worst beverage a pregnant woman can drink is dairy milk. Poor babies. 
babies who drink milk early fact
~ 75% of the word’s population is lactose-intolerant? Hmm… that means, shows and says something. Humans aren’t supposed to be drinking dairy milk! 
lactose intolerant guy  
1 The number one cause to osteoporosis is the consumption of milk (as I mentioned above already)!
2 Americans over-dose on their protein. We only need a 10% of protein. That’s like 10 pennies in a cup! 
3 Protein is naturally found in your hair, nails and skin!
4 Your body can’t store protein! So you can probably imagine what would happen if you intake too much. Serious, sometimes fatal health benefits (a.k.a side effects) can occur. :}

5 It’s impossible (nobody was and isn’t able to do it) to chug down aallon of cow milk within an hour. Your body won’t be able to digest it. Instead, you’ll throw it right up. I never tried this stupid idea, but I’ve heard/read/learned/seen that it’s impossible to chug down milk without it coming back up. Talk about barfing. Everyone who tried doing it, they always throw up. 

6 Meat and dairy cause cancer! Watch this video if you don’t believe me. 

7 Almond milk has 50% more calcium than dairy milk! Drink nut milk, not cow milk! 
Drink nut milk!
almond milk
NOT Cow Milk! 
say no to milk
Say No to Cow Milk, and say Yes to Nut Milk! 
say no to milk carton


I hope you like this post. This is filled with useful information – so feel free to share/tweet/email this post. This may enlighten most people to avoid drinking and eating dairy products. You can do a Google search on the dangers of diary milk, and you’ll find NUMEROUS of studies that show (as I linked above) that provide accurate answers to diary. The studies clearly show that all diary milk is dangerous and unhealthy. Milk is the most disgusting beverage out there. Most people are allergic to milk, anyways. I never understood that as a child, but now – I completely understand why. Milk is simply gross.  

I also suggest watching documentaries such as Food, Inc and Earthlings. Of course, there are so much more great documentaries that you can watch, but I suggest watching those two documentaires (as linked above).
I highly suggest watching this documentary. This was actually my first documentary I watched before I chose to go vegan. This movie opened my eyes more on animal abuse. 
food inc doc cover
Secondly, I recommend watching this documentary. This was my second documentary that I watched before going vegan. You can watch “Earthlings” full movie here for free on their site! 

earthlings doc cover
unhealthy milk in a glass


Do you like this post? Did you find the following information above helpful? Have you ever watched Earthlings and/or Food, Inc? If so, what do you think of it? What do you think about this whole dairy talk? Please let me know, and share your thoughts kindly in the comments below. 🙂 

Stay tuned for a Banana Coconut Poppy Seed Ice Cream Pie Recipe!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for this article! I’d originally given up dairy to see if it would help my persistent cough (it did eventually, but not for a long time). Anyway, I was ready to see my dairy-abstinence as a failed experiment when I found this page. And wow, you converted me completely. It was the picture of the cow with the huge udders that got to me, and I knew I couldn’t do that to a creature. So well done you!!! You’ve also inspired me to want to go raw, but I am such a fussy eater, so far I’ve not found any recipes for main dishes that look appetising 🙁 But I shall keep looking. If I can go even 50% raw it will be an achievement (your glowing skin! I am so jealous!!!!)

    IAnyway, what did you mean by:
    t’s impossible (nobody was and isn’t able to do it) to chug down cow milk within an hour.

    ?? It doesn’t make sense. Can you clarify?

    Also, the sun wasn’t put on Earth at all, but I get what you mean totally! People need to realise that if the sun was that dangerous, we wouldn’t have survived this far!

    • Hi Clarissa,

      Thank you so much for your comment and sharing your testimonial with me! I’m so happy to hear that my post has inspired you to no longer drink dairy :). That’s such great news, it means a lot to me that I converted and inspired you, more than you know 🙂 Glad to hear you made the compassionate connection and made the smart decision to no longer consume milk. My intention for this post is to motivate, inspire and open the eyes of those who drink dairy to see behind the scenes of the cruelty that goes behind the dairy industry. it’s evil… 🙁

      There are SO many other healthier milk alternatives like hempseed, almond, cashew mylk, and much much more! I’ll be posting the nut and seed mylk recipes soon.

      I promise more appetizing recipes coming on my blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled ;)! I’m also coming out with a recipe dessert ebook launching soon! its exclusively available to my subscribers, so if you’re interested in receiving a copy, subscribe to my blog 🙂
      I’ve already posted appetizing raw food recipes here on the blog, like raw vegan pizza bites, raw lasagna, epic raw salads… just scroll through my recipes and posts page to find more RAWesome recipes here:

      The reason why it would be impossible to chug down a gallon of milk within an hour, is because our bodies would reject it by throwing it all back up. :{ This is because, the majority of us humans are lactose interpolate and consuming this excessive amount of milk would be too much for our bodies to handle. There’s videos all over YouTube of people chugging down a gallon of milk within an hour and then vomiting it.

      Once you eliminate dairy, you will notice your skin conditions significantly improve. So your skin can glow like mines! 😉


      • Yay! I’m glad I made you glad!

        Oh I see. You missed out the word “gallon”, if you look at the bit I quoted above, you just said:
        “It’s impossible (nobody was and isn’t able to do it) to chug down cow milk within an hour.” When you change it to “gallon of milk”, it makes sense! Thanks! 😀

        I don’t get spots nearly as often as I used to, and certainly not the huge monstrosities I used to get! Maybe one or two little spots every 2 or 3 months, and they clear up quite quickly, too. Unfortunately, my complexion will never be like yours, because I had HCl spilt on my face at school when I was 13, and even though it didn’t seem to dissolve my face at the time, it did make me photosensitive. A few weeks after it happened, I was made to sit in direct sunlight in France for two hours (long story) and the bottom half of my face (where the acid spilt) was red and literally peeling off. And ever since then, it’s been sensitive, easily burned, dry, blotchy, etc. But a few years ago, I stopped using nasty petrochemicals (at one stage I used pure baby oil to moisturise — ugh!!), and used pure veg oils instead, and now I make my own creams, and my skin is much better and I can stay in the sun for a while with only a very slight reddening if I’m not careful, whereas before I was slapping on sunscreen every time I left the house.

        Currently I buy a coconut-based mylk and a soya mylk (I like that word! As opposed to this word I saw in a pro-milk article recently — “filk”. It was such a stupid article, I had to post it up to moan about it:
        (I used a few pics I found on this page, I hope you don’t mind.)

        However, vegan milks are a bit pricey and I would prefer to make my own mylks in the future (still dithering over buying a dehydrator and nut milk bag). Would eating raw still have all these amazing benefits you’ve experienced even if the food isn’t organic? Because I’m on a low income and I’ve seen how much organic costs 🙁 I grow a few things here and there, but don’t have the space for anything more than a few herbs, lettuce, sprouting things, and watercress 🙁

        I would love to be able to convince others to go dairy-free, but I’ve had no luck. My family have a love for it that’s so intense, it’s like I’m asking them to stop breathing or something. Although my little sister at least is open to it, and acknowledges my argument, so who knows, maybe one day she will go dairy-free, too! My work colleagues just tell me to stop talking because they can’t bear it, they don’t want to know, stop stop stop, and also almost all of them say, I can give up milk, but not cheese. Oh it’s so frustrating!! I think for most people, it’s easier for them to bury their heads in the sand and stay in their happy world than to face reality, although it’s not my place to judge. I can’t say my conscience is clear, since I don’t buy exclusively fairtrade & organic. Now if I could find a freegan group in my area, that might be a possibility, but I don’t think freeganism is as popular here as it is in the States and I’m too scared to go out at night alone 🙁

        I’m having a look through your recipes, but I keep getting an ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN. I really want to see the pizza bites and veggie burger recipes! The thing is, because of my stupid Asperger’s (going dairy-free really helped with that, too!! Although as you can see, I still have the monologue skills 😉 ), I have a lot of aversions when it comes to food. Certain colours and textures just make me want to puke! So even though I’m eating a wider variety of veg now that I’m a herbivore, going even half raw would still be a challenge. I’d love to be able to eat loads of fruit, but there’s something about most fruit, the acidity or something, the way they feel in my stomach, means I can’t really eat much. Bananas and very sweet strawberries are all I can handle, and apples, when I’m in the mood.

        • yes, thank you for correcting me! I appreciate it and have corrected the mistake I made.

          haha, your skin complexion can look like mines, too, if you eat a clean wholefoods, raw foods diet :).

          I used to be a big dairy drinker, but after becoming vegan, I realized that there are so many other healthier dairy alternatives (as I mentioned to you) – milk isnt even missed! I just posted my new recipe on how to make your own (DIY) plant-based mylk here:

          I don’t recommend buying the mylks sold a supermarkets, as they contain added fillers and ingredients, like carrageenan (a carcinogen, or in other words, a cancerous chemical). Making your own is way better. I recommend buying the nuts and seeds in bulk and online, as you’ll save money. Brands like Silk are owned by Monsanto. 🙁 I don’t recommend drinking soya, as it’s derived from soybeans (a bean I don’t recommend and not too fond of, here’s why:

          I saw the article you linked about “filk”… is that your blog? I don’t mind that you used a few pics from this post… they aren’t mines anyways. I just got them from the internet 😉 if that is your website, you can share this post on your blog and just link it back here, if you want… 🙂

          I’ve come to the realization that there is no need to convince anyone about this lifestyle; this lifestyle sells itself with its benefits, results and RAWmazing food! Don’t waste your time talking to close-minded individuals about this lifestyle. Education is good, but if they don’t want to hear it, why bother? It’s best to be the change you wish to see, and as others see the change IN YOU (such as being happier, radiating at a high frequency, glowing skin, etc), they may be inspired to change also.

          Apologies on the ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN page. I have fixed that and you can now look through my recipes and posts page without receiving that message. Here are the links to the pizza bites:, veggie burgers: and here’s the recipe to my RAWesome cheddar cheese recipe:

          Give these recipes a try and let me know how you liked it, and how it made you feel!

          I’m coming out with more recipes, a transitioning to raw meal plan ebook, and a raw vegan desserts ebook (all FREE!) really soon. My other website, is currently being worked on, and there I will provide recipes, tips and tricks on how to go and stay raw.

          I used to be a picky eater, but that all changed when I became a raw vegan. I wasn’t a big fan of eating my vegetables. Now, I LOVE them. I used to eat conventionally grown veggies from the dirty dozen list, but now eat them organic, as they contain pesticide and chemical residue. Eating organic is important and the produce tastes wayyy better. Your palette’s need to adjust to the changes. It’s something you have to get used to. Its normal not to like a certain food in the beginning, but the more you eat it (and there’s way to make it taste yummy!) the more your body will love it and want more. This happened to me and everyone who transitions to this lifestyle.

          The acidity feel in your stomach could be a couple of reasons: 1.) you’re not eating ripe fruits and/or 2.) you’re not properly combining your fruits. Example: combining acidic fruits with sweet fruits (bananas and strawberries or pineapple) is not good food combination, as that can cause inflammation, indigestion, bloating, and an uncomfortable, acidity feel in your stomach (like you may be experiencing). Eating ripe fruits is EXTREMELY important for optimal health. Eating unripe fruits will cause all sorts of health problems, such as inflammation, bloating, gassy, constipated, acne, heartburn, etc. You can read more here:

          Hope all this info was helpful! 🙂

          • I agree that home-made milk is better (and cheaper!), definitely. For me, it’s just a case of convenience. The ingredients for the brand I have is:
            Filtered water, Coconut milk 8.4%, Grape juice concentrate, Calcium phosphate, Emulsifier: Sucrose ester, Sea salt, Colour: Natural carotene, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12.

            The only dubious-looking thing on there for me is the sucrose ester. I don’t eat anything with carrageenan. I gave up Almond Breeze for that reason. Also, Koko is much nicer 😀

            We don’t have Silk here. I do have a generic unsweetened supermarket soya milk, though. I would rather make my own, but who has the time? Not me.

            I did originally have a post about why I gave up dairy earlier last year, but it was way too snarky, so I pulled it, but I did mention your site and how this article convinced me to give up the white stuff. I know you pulled the pics from other sites, cos I’ve seen them elsewhere 😉 But thanks for the convenience of gathering them in one place for me!! n_n

            I know organic is the way to go, you don’t need to convince me of that one 😉 As I said, it’s a question of finances. Also, I’m facing redundancy soon, I just can’t afford to expand my food budget 2-3x. Right now I have to choose, do I go all organic, yet have to use chemical-laden shampoo, soap, etc? Or do I eat as many veg as I can, not always organic, but at least avoid bathing/smearing myself in nasties several times aday? I have to strike a balance and for me, this seems the best I can do at the moment. But of course completely nasties-free is my ideal!!! Maybe if my family ever get round to buying the smallholding they keep talking about *rolls eyes* Cob house. I totally want one!!!

            I looked at your recipes, but unfortunately nothing tickled my fancy. As I said, there’s fussy eating, and there’s Aspie Fussy Eating. I don’t know if you know any Aspies, but we can have really strong sensory aversions, to the point that my mum even convinced the doctors for years that I had an eating disorder, so I had to keep getting dragged to hospital, poked and prodded, get traumatised every time I had to have a blood test (bad needle phobia here), had a dietician even come to a family meal to watch me as I ate, had to drink barium so my digestive system could be X-rayed, until years later one doctor had the sense to say, There’s nothing wrong. She’ll grow out of it. Case dismissed. Hehe. Actually, I didn’t, but once I was allowed to make my own meals, eating wasn’t a problem anymore.

            But yeah, certain colours, textures, smells I just can’t stand, and I still have to have my food arranged on my plate a particular way 🙂 So you see why even being herbivorous means my diet is less than ideal, because there are so few things I can bear to eat (I DO eat way more stuff than I used to, but I still only get 3 portions of fruit/veg a DAY!) And as I said, eating is just something I have to do. If I’m in the middle of something (Aspie fixations/obsessive interests), then I can actually go all day without eating/drinking a single thing, and not even feel it. I only eat because logically I know I have to. That reminds me, I’m supposed to be making my lunch :O

            I did actually have a fruitarian meal last week hehe. Well, my dinner consisted of mangoes, a banana and a bit of avocado. I said to my sister, if I can have this every day, I can easily become a fruitarian.

            Fruit, I dunno, I just have to be in the mood for it. My parents are pretty good at telling when fruit is ripe (although I found out the other day my mum was lying when she told us as kids that the brownest bananas are the nicest, because she never believed it herself!! She prefers them plain yellow, but I like them browned), other fruit, like mangoes and persimmons and stuff. Persimmons I couldn’t eat more than one slice, the taste and texture and the way it felt in my stomach (I mean, immediately after eating it), wasn’t nice. I would love to eat more fruit, but mostly, they just don’t appeal to me. Like I said, I need that smallholding. Commercially produced produce is always blander than homegrown stuff. My peppers and lamb lettuce are always more flavourful than the purchased stuff.

            /TL;DR over lol

          • I am just seeing your comment now Clarissa, so my apologies for the late reply.

            Soy is such a controversial topic, and when something is so controversial, I make the decision to just stay away from it. Yeah sure, soy may be healthy, however, for some people (and men especially), it makes them grow man boobs. Every-body is different. I clearly link my resources in my post for ya’ll to do the research. Deciding whether or not to eat soy after it’s been controversed so much, is one’s personal decision. If you like and feel great when you eat soy, by all means, eat it.

  2. hi i read it just now and its very good article, I’m a med student and i want to use some parts of this article in my presentation. and in this article you shared a youtube link from professor t.colin campbell, the video is not available now, if you have a copy, please send me, i will be very grateful, thank you so much (sorry for bad english, i hope you will understand me) 🙂

    • Hi Hanne,

      Glad you found my article helpful 🙂 You are free to share however way you’d like. Just please link it back to my site as your resource.

      Also, I found the video where professor Campbell talks about how animal products causes cancer:

      Hope this helps you. I understood you very well 🙂

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