Super Food Covered Bananas with Strawberries, Kiwis & Coconut Nectar Sundae + Raw Brownies

banana super food sundae with strawberries, kiwis and coconut nectar
Hey guys! Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh strawberries. When my dad bought fresh organic strawberries this summer in July (that was when I made this AWESOME recipe), I was in happy and in heaven! Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits and they always have been. I love their nice and sweet taste
….. mmm! But I didn’t always love their sweet taste when I was a carnivore. I used to think strawberries were too sweet. Now, if you were to ask me if I thought they were too sweet, I’d have a whole different answer. They’re naturally sweet. Nature’s candy. Organic strawberries are the best, though! You can really taste the difference. Plus, organic strawberries taste 100,000 times better than non-organic.
strawberries in a glass
The recipe I am sharing with you today is basically similar to my super food covered bananas, only in a sundae! I added strawberries and kiwis and left out an ingredients, and added more! I just HAD to share this recipe with you! Like I said on my blog, this snack has become on one of my favorite desserts. This is amazing and SO healthy for you, too! 
This snack is super easy to make, it doesn’t really need instructions! Simply peel the bananas, cover it in nut butter of choice and coconut oil (if you wish), sprinkle on some chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax meal; dashes of cinnamon, and drizzle on coocnut nectar. Of course like with ALL my recipes, add whatever you like to make this even more delicious! And for the sundae part, just wash and cut your berries (fruits of desire) and drizzle coconut nectar and dashes of cinnamon. Voila! DELICIOUS I say! 
caramel covered bananas

As you may already know, this is my dad’s recipe. He gets the full credit on this one. He came up with this sundae recipe, too. My dad is a raw vegan (like me. we started our journey together) and he also comes up with great recipes, as well. He’s awesome! You’ll meet him soon on this blog. Keep your eyes peeled! 😉 

chocolate super food covered banana
super food covered bananas with strawberries, kiwis and coconut nectar sundae
Super Food Covered Bananas with Strawberries, Kiwis, Cashew Butter & Coconut Nectar Sundae:

serves as many as desired – Inspired by these recipes: Super Food Covered Banana Recipe Chia Super Food Covered Banana Goodness with Chocolate & Cashew Butter

Remember, with raw foods, measurements are not precise, so just add more or less of the ingredients to suit your taste buds. Below in the recipe, I don’t really give a precise recipe amounts; I’ll leave that up to you! 

2 fresh ORGANIC bananas (or more, depending on how much you want to eat. highly recommend organic bananas over non-organic ones, when possible. The taste of organic produce just tastes 100,000 times better, as I mentioned above with the strawberries. Of course, it’s best to almost always use and buy organic when possible. See my clean and dirty dozen list.)
Banana Toppings:

cashew butter (or any healthy nut butter of choice. I don’t recommend peanut butteroptional idea: you can spread cashew butter on one banana and a different nut butter on the other. For each banana you choose to eat, each banana can have a different nut butter. I love that idea!)

coconut nectar 
organic, non-GMO chia seeds
flax meal, optional 
organic, non-GMO hemp powder, optional
cinnamon, optional 

2-4 organic fresh strawberries, washed and sliced
1 (or more) kiwi, peeled and sliced
chia seeds
coconut nectar 
* feel free to add whatever else you want to make it even more delicious! You can turn this into a fruit salad, add chopped dates, nuts, you can even place the bananas on a stick (or without it) and freeze it, drizzle chocolate sauce on top, etc! The possibilities and variations are endless, as you can imagine! 😉 
Peel your bananas and place them on your plate. Wash and slice your strawberries and kiwis, and place it on your plate. Spread cashew butter on top of your bananas, drizzle the coconut nectar on your bananas, strawberries and kiwi, sprinkle the chia seeds, sprinkle on some (if desired) flax, hemp and cinnamon. EAT n’ Enjoy! I ENJOYED EVERY BITE!! My plate was syrupy from the coconut nectar. 
THIS bite plus….
chia super food covered banana sundae bite

THIS bite…!!! OH, My GOODNESS. :0 HEAVEN, HELP ME!!! <3 🙂 oh, yeah! I’m definitely trying this idea! 


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  1. You’re a beautiful (inside and outside) and wise young girl! Even I double your age, I feel the same passion about raw vegan food! A question for you… How long did it take to get rid of the acne? I know it’s a detox symptom but I’m just wondering since I’ve been raw vegan since 1 month ago. Thanks and keep it up! You’re doing an amazing job 🙂

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! 🙂 No matter what age you are, you can still have the passion that I have about raw foods 😉

      Good question! It’s really hard to say when all the acne off my face cleared up as most of it was detox symptoms. Since everyday I am (and was) detoxing, the acne would come and go. It took me about a few months (3-4?). I wish I knew exactly. Since you’ve been on raw for a month ago, you may start to experience detoxing pimples. They will come and they will go. Have you experienced any detox symptoms yet?

      Thank you! 🙂

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