Johanna Sophia Interviews The Raw Vegan Teen at The Raw Recovery Summit {Exclusive Interview}

My journey to health and a plant-based lifestyle has been a fun and enjoyable one, and I sure learned a LOT. Some of us – well actually most of us – need some kind of traumatic event or situation to make such a change. It’s almost as though we turn the negative event into a positive trigger by changing our lifestyle. And I’ve had such an event happen to me in my life. Thankfully, I was able to fight back from adversity and and managed to change the traumatic situation, into a loving and powerful outcome! But I didn’t do it entirely alone at the age of 13…


I got the wonderful opportunity to be part of a huge online global event that my colleague, Prof. Johanna Sophia hosted last month. This was my biggest collaboration so far in my journey, and I’m thankful I was part of it! This was the first summit I was part of, and I look forward in possibly being part of more in the future.


The Raw Recovery Summit was a FREE online event hosted by Johanna Sophia, the CEO and Founder of Johanna’s Raw Foods. This summit is supported by Paul McCartney, Russell Simmons, and The Real Truth About Health Conference. Johanna interviewed 25 awe-inspiring health advocates, all sharing their amazing raw recovery story. Speakers include world-renowned greats such Mimi Kirk, Dr. Brian Clement, Dan McDonald A.K.A ‘The LifeRegenerator’, Dr. Gary Null, Jillian Love, Viktoras Kulvinskas, and many other greats!


I’m so thrilled to share my interview with you! I share my story on how I got into this lifestyle, how I manage school, learning and 3 websites all on my own! + my tips on how teens can go raw with or without their parents, and how they can deal with unsupportive parents.


Check out my interview here:

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  1. I believe you are right in your views in raw food diet.I made amazing improvements in my health.I drink two green drinks a day and two carrot beet apple juices a day fresh made in my juicer.I only eat veg and fruits and nuts and seeds now.You and Arnold are a huge inspiration to me.You should look up Kriss Carr blogs she is good too.

    • thank you Wayne for your comment and kind words. Glad you find me an inspiration and my posts interesting. Wishing you the very vest in health

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