Raw Vegan Recipe: Superfood Carob Brownies

My dad made this raw vegan brownie recipe, using the raw carob powder and goji berries we were kindly sent from Natural Zing last month. These brownies are low-fat, super nutritious, delectable, and guilt-free… you’re gonna want more than just one slice 😉
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Instead of using cacao for thee brownies, we used carob powder. Carob is used as a chocolate substitute, and is believed to be a healthier option to cacao, because of its caffeine-free effects. Cacao is real chocolate, and this is where chocolate originates from. 
While carob is not chocolate, roasted carob powder tastes more like cacao than raw carob powder that does not. So, if 100% raw is not a concern for you, feel free to use toasted carob powder, instead of the raw in this recipe (or any chocolate recipe, in that matter). 


These brownies are super easy and quick to make, and done within minutes! Great to make with or for kids, family, friends, or even strangers. Hope you like and enjoy the recipe.
Brownies topped with cashew butter spread and goji berries
Brownies topped with cashew butter spread and goji berries
Superfood Carob Brownies Recipe
Toppings (optional, choose and add as you wish)
  1. Pulse all ingredients in a food processor, and process until a sticky, crumbly dough consistency. 
  2. Place the dough at the bottom of a flat plate and form brownies. 
  3. Top off the brownies with any toppings, as you wish. 
  4. Eat and serve immediately or store in the freezer (or fridge) until you’re ready to eat it. You can even leave it out, covered, o your counter, or even dehydrate it, if you own one.
  5. Enjoy. 
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