Raw tips can be helpful in the raw cuisine. Knowing these simple, easy tips is important and good to know. You can adapt these helpful tips in your raw recipes. I have kindly created a list of helpful, raw vegan tips you can easily use in your everyday raw life in the kitchen! Some tips may be random and silly, but they will always have one thing in common: they’re helpful! Keep these tips (and tricks) in mind when making any raw food creations. 

Please post a comment below if you have any raw food tips that you may have and like! This is a community; sharing is caring! 😉 I’ll keep adding to the list, as well. Thanks! 

Hope you find these tips helpful! If you tried one of the tips and tricks and liked it because it worked – please post a comment below. Got a helpful tip and/or trick? Post them in the comments below or send me an email so I can kindly add it to the list. They don’t have to all be raw tips, they can be vegan tips and tricks, too! Thank you! 


  • by adding 1/4 tsp salt to any sweet dish, it brings out the sweetness. haven’t you noticed that most raw recipes calls for salt? 
  • wanna firm up your cakes, chocolate sauces, etc? by adding coconut oil to anything (such as cheesecakes, chocolate sauce, ice cream, etc.,) then place your creation in the  fridge or freezer – it naturally firms up your creations. cool , right? i know. 
  • in this raw cuisine, there is really no need to get your measurements cups. you don’t have to stress over adding too much of this or too much of that. all you have to do is play around with the measurements and recipe. adjust to your liking 😉 
  • if your dates are dry, just simply soak them in hot/warm water for 30 minutes or longer until soft. Actually, the warmer the water, the quicker they get soft. I recommend soaking your dates in clean, filtered water. You can even water form the soaked dates. Mmm…. you now have sweet, date water.
  • you can warm and “heat” up your food on the stove below 115 degrees – and still considered raw!
  • if you don’t have any dates on hand to make caramel, no problem! instead of making a caramel sauce, you can simply use raw coconut nectar or this 2 ingredients date-free caramel sauce! the recipe is simple and it’s just cashew butter with coconut nectar. 
  • Fully Raw Kristina’s 5 Simple Steps To Get A Flat Stomach Video
  • this is actually not a tip, it’s more like a random note: healthy? = everyone has their own definition of “healthy”. 
  • before pouring syrup (coconut nectar, date syrup, etc) on a spoon, dip the spoon in water (preferably hot or warm) and then pour the syrup on the spoon. This trick really helps removing the syrup from the spoon with ease. The reason is because syrups tend to stick onto the spoon, and by wetting the spoon – it really helps to remove the syrup with ease without using your finger tips to help remove it. Try it the next time you pour syrup on a spoon! It works! I have yet to try it with cold water, though. 

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