Miliany’s Raw Recovery Summit Interview + How To Go Raw With or Without Your Parents

My journey to health and a plant-based lifestyle has been a fun and enjoyable one, and I sure learned a LOT. Some of us – well actually most of us – need some kind of traumatic event or situation to make such a change. It’s almost as though we turn the negative event into a positive trigger by changing our lifestyle. And I’ve had such an event happen to me in my life. Thankfully, I was able to fight back from adversity and and managed to change the traumatic situation, into a loving and powerful outcome! But I didn’t do it entirely alone at the age of 13…

I’m so honored to be the YOUNGEST speaker in this huge global event, hosted my my colleague, Johanna Sophia, and supported by Paul McCartney. The summit features 21 amazing, world-renowned greats – all sharing their inspiring, raw recovery story. 

I’m inviting you ALL to come and tune into my interview! I answer me as Prof. Johanna Sophia, the host of the Raw Recovery Summit, interviews me about my raw recovery story. 

I often get asked the following questions: “how you deal with school, learning, run your own business, manage 3 websites (all in which I own), follow your passions, and go after your dreams as a teenager? How do teens convince their parent(s) who aren’t supportive towards their vegan/health decision(s)?” I answer these questions and such more in my EXCLUSIVE interview with Johanna Sophia, at The Raw Recovery Summit! 

Just click the play button to listen to my interview! You can pause, rewind and fast forward… 😉 Enjoy! 

My Tips On How To Go Raw Without Your Parents

I get emailed questions from teens for tips on how to get their parents to let them go vegan or go fully raw. Most of the time, it’s the child who is more inspired and motivated to change their diet than their parents. I know how it can be to try to convince your parents to allow you to go vegan. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to talk my dad into letting me go vegan, because he was the one who actually inspired me to go vegan and change my life for the better! And I am forever grateful for him for that <3 However, I only had to convince my mother to allow me to go vegan, which was easy but not that easy….

I had to sit my mother down for an HOUR to explain to her that going vegan was my decision and it was not pushed upon me by my father (like she had assumed). My father only inspired and motivated me to go and stay vegan, and I thank him for that. Even though my mother may not really understand the epicness of this lifestyle, I have her respect, acceptance and support, which is great. And I wish for every teen to have success with convincing their parents to go vegan just like I did.

Below I share my tips on how you can convince your parents to let you go vegan or raw!

1.) Educate Yourself

Education is key and the first step to succeeding on this lifestyle and convincing your parents to allow you to go vegan or raw. If your parents see that you are very educated on this topic and know what you are doing and talking about, chances are, your parents will let you go vegan or raw. Educate yourself as much as possible about this lifestyle, but most importantly, educate yourself about the vitamins, minerals and proteins debates (like plant-based sources on where you can get your protein). Once you’re educated well enough, you will be confident to talk about this lifestyle and back up your facts with resources/proof. 

Watch documentaries and read books all based about this lifestyle. Check out my resources page here to learn more about this lifestyle and informative info on educating yourself

2.) Sit Down With Your Parents & Have a Civil Conversation 

Communication is everything, and how you approach your parents about this lifestyle is even more important! Don’t be sassy or demanding about it. be respectful and kind, but stand your ground. They may criticize you or may not fully support you at start, but having good and proper communication is important to them allowing you to go vegan or raw.

Your attitude and approach is everything; don’t be sassy about it. Don’t say: “I’m going to go vegan overnight and there’s nothing you’re going to say or do that will stop me!” Go easy and be kind about it, but firm on your beliefs.

3.) Make Your Own Food

Making your own food in a house full of meat-eaters may not be easy, but it can happen very easily! If your parents won’t go vegan or raw but allow you to, offer to make your own food every day, that way, it’s easier and less work for your parents. 



Going raw or vegan with your parents makes this lifestyle so much more easier!!! i know it can be hard when you have parents who are not vegan. But whether your parents are vegan or not, it’s very essential that you their support. Their support helps you stay on this lifestyle successfully. 



  1. Often times, our parents won’t let us go vegan because they are worried that we’ll either lose too much weight, won’t gain weight if we need to, or worried that you won’t get enough protein, etc. or whatever it is—it’s best not to point out that you can lose weight on this lifestyle (if you’re not at your ideal weight) or any thing that may scare them. Because it won’t be successful for you to go vegan or raw. And avoid mentioning that you could possibly run into a deficiency like B12 by going vegan (which can be efficient if you eat the right foods) 

Hope you enjoyed! I will continue to add more tips to this post, but in the meantime, hope these tips are helpful for you and hope it gives you success! Any questions, comments or concerns—please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me

Much love and health, 


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