Since raw vegans have eliminated the use of processed, refined sugars, flours, eggs, fatty butters and oils, we need to find other healthier alternatives. Most of the time, we have to purchase our products online or at a natural health foods store (HFS) because the products raw vegans use, you won’t find them at your ordinary supermarkets. 

Raw food preparation is similar to cooking foods, but of course, each has their own differences such as food preparation, the food, cleanup, the use in utensils, etc. Hopefully, you get the memo. 

Sometimes, knowing what is really healthy and all-natural and what is not, healthy and all-natural can be difficult, if you aren’t educated on reading ingredients. But if you are educated about the topic and have done your research, you will be on the safe side when shopping. That’s why reading labels is very important. You also have to know what is really healthy for you to put in your body. Although something (i am referring to ingredients) may seem healthy, it may NOT really BE healthyA perfect example would be agave nectar. Agave nectar is not healthy, but yet the labeling states it is. 

Most people think that agave is healthy, but when they start to do research on it, they find out that it really ISN’T healthy! You see, just because you’re a raw vegan does NOT mean that you’re healthy, either. Some of you may see and understand where I’m coming from, while others may seem me coming a bit harsh. I am just trying to give everyone a better understanding to what really is healthy, especially when it comes to ingredients (label reading). The truth is the truth, right? Ya can’t beat the facts, especially when proven. 

Anyway, below 
I have created a list (i’ll slowly be adding more and more items under each category) of raw vegan products that you might find in my recipes, other recipes, your local health foods stores, etc. — and you can even order them online, too! I will list as many as possible, as there are many healthier alternatives in this lifestyle. Please post a comment below if you have any questions, concerns or just have something nice to say! Thank you! 

~ DATES! Dates are the BEST sweetener you can use. They’re naturally sweet, aka “nature’s candy”. You can make date paste out of them. My favorite dates are the medjool because they’re soft, chewy and delicious! 
~ Raisins! Raisins are a great natural sweetener, too. 
~ Any dry (or fresh) fruits are great to use as a sweetener. 






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