Believe it or not, my diet is simple. I don’t like to give myself a title,
but to give you an understanding about my diet, I’ll categorize
My Diet
fruits and vegetables with juicesI’m a fruitarian. I eat 100% raw living foods (a.k.a ‘raw vegan, plant-based’, which are 100% ALIVE!), because my body and cells feel its best when I keep
it raw. My diet consists of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and
I also love to incorporate superfoods, like cacao, coconut
oil, lucuma, hemp seeds, chia seeds, acai, goji berries, and more –
into my diet, because they enhance my lifestyle even more! I eat a
low-fat, high-carb, raw foods diet, and I love it. My diet is truly

Q: What’s A Raw Vegan & Why 100% Raw Living Foods?
A raw vegan is someone who doesn’t eat, drink or use any animal
products and byproducts. This means, we don’t consume any meat (fish,
chicken, pork, seafood, etc), eggs, dairy, refined, processed flours,
and sugars. We eat nothing with a face and a mother. Our diet
consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, along with
superfoods and sprouts.

I eat 100% raw because my body feels the most best when I do. When you
cook foods above 115-118 degrees, all the living, essential nutrients
have been destroyed. When you eat it raw, all the nutrients have not
been destroyed through heating, leaving your body with the essential
nutrients it needs to perform its best most optimally. Raw foods are
ALIVE; cooked foods are dead. If you want to get all and the most
nutrients out of your food, don’t cook it; eat it RAW! Raw
foods are delicious!

what i eat in my raw foods diet
What Do I Eat In My Diet?
Many people may think a raw foods diet is mundane and only consists of carrots and celery sticks, but I will tell you, this lifestyle is far from that! Trust me, take it from someone who’s been a big-time meat-eater for 13 years. I’m talking out of experience… 
The kitchen is where the magic begins! I
have fun with my foods; recreating foods I used to eat as a
meat-eater on the SAD (Standard American
Diet). As you may know from reading my story, my diet
was like a typical American. I used to eat pizza, ice cream,
brownies, chips, crackers, bread, pasta, chocolate, candy… and other highly processed foods that were not nutritious to my body.
When I first transitioned to raw, I thought I was going to miss those
trashy foods, but turns out, I didn’t!

raw desserts imageOnce I found out that I could recreate a raw vegan version of those foods,
I was hooked on this lifestyle even more! Raw veganizing recipes is
the most fun part! I get to eat pizza, brownies, cakes, wraps,
chocolate, and so much more – all raw vegan, of course. Everything
on the SAD diet is replaceable in the vegan/raw foods cuisine. Just
check out the recipes on my blogs page to see what I’m talking about.
It’s amazing what kind of masterpieces you can create with fruits,
vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices, and superfoods.

I eat in a day depends on what I’m in the mood for (in other words,
what my body feels like eating). Each eating day is different. My raw
foods diet varies, and that’s the fun part about it.

fresh raw fruits and vegetables with juiceI
am very happy I chose a plant-based diet, because it has changed my
life significantly for the better! The raw foods lifestyle is the
BEST thing that has ever happened to my health
. You can read myfull story here. I am much more happier eating this way. I have more
energy and life inside of me. My diet is not hurting or harming any
living creature, and that’s a beautiful thing; knowing that no
animals had to be sacrificed for my appetite, and I’m doing good for
the planet and the environment.

truly LOVE my lifestyle! Words can’t even describe the
deliciousness, love and enjoyment I experience when I eat these
foods. While being on this lifestyle, I’ve built a relationship with
my foods like I’ve never had before. This is because the foods I eat
love me back. It’s nourishing my body with proper, kind nutrients I
need to stay healthy. You’ve got to literally try the foods and
experience it yourself. You’re going to be blown away, like I have.
Raw living foods is truly EPIC!

Source for Veggie Skeleton Image
hope this has inspired you to adapt a plant-based diet, or at least
incorporate more raw living foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) into
your diet. Please feel free to leave me your questions or comments

You The Best Health This Life Can Offer. Peace and Love,

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