juice fast: day 4

fresh green juicestoday is day 4 of my juice fast. my dad and i are still going strong! i had a slight headache today; not much though. this morning, i sat in the sun for about an hour again with my dad, did some light exercises, planked a few times throughout the day (my dad & i are planking 1 minute a few times a day. planking is great for the abs!), did a little bit of yoga (i did the yoga position where you cross your legs and lift yourself up. i was impressed with myself cause i wasn’t able to do that before. i have lots of strength, especially now on this fast. i am not a “yogi” yet, but soon though!). i can’t wait to start incorporating yoga in my life! that’ll be exciting

today’s juice was detoxifying, cleansing, energy boosting, epic in benefits and rejuvenating in the cells! it contains apples, pineapple, carrots, kale, celery, limes, and ginger. it was so delicious and filling, too! i love fresh juices! green juices are the best things you can put into your body. the juice i made today with my dad was about 8 cups. 8 cups of delicious goodness! fresh juice is always best, especially when it’s made using organic ingredients! in my case, it was.  
apples, carrots, lime, ginger, kale and celery

fresh apple green pineapple ginger juice

fresh ginger pineapple apple green juice:

3 organic carrots, washed 
4 leaves of organic kale
4 organic celery stalks
fresh piece of ginger
1-2 limes (if organic, don’t peel. if un-organic, peel!)
1 whole pineapple
3 organic apples
cut, wash & peel as needed. juice it. drink it. love it. appreciate it. smile 🙂 
cheers to your health! xx
green apple juice
apple green juice
apple heart

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  1. So cool that you and your dad are doing a juice fast. I really want to do it myself soon. I think my body needs it too. My skin are really bad now. I think it’s great that you are doing it until you feel it’s right to stop. And since you have some headache now, think how amazing you will feel after the juice fast! 😀 And fresh juice are SO good too!

    • isn’t it?! thanks 🙂 thank you for your support and comment, marie!! i appreciate it. 🙂 i can only imagine how my body (and stomach 😉 will feel when i’m finished. 😀

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