Feeling B.I.G After Eating Fruits? Here’s Why…

It’s sad to see that many people don’t know what ripe fruits are nowadays. Bananas are one of my favorite fruits, 
providing AMAZING health benefits. I always make sure to have bunches and bunches of bananas, whether they’re ripened or not. Many people who I’ve come in contact with at the supermarket don’t know what ripe bananas look like. Most people think that yellow bananas are ripe and spotted bananas are ‘bad’. I’m guilty of eating yellow bananas without any spots back in my meat-eater and early vegan/raw days, but I eventually learned how to ripen fruits properly.
ripe bananas chart
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Did you know: Supermarkets (like Whole Foods) are not allowed to sell ripe bananasSee more for yourself on Google…

Most people think that these beautiful, bright, yellow bananas are ripe. This bunch of bananas are NOT ripe… it’s still very starchy and undesirable. 
Ripe bananas. Eat bananas when they look like this… with lots of cheetah spots!

To truth is, humans have lost touch with nature. It’s a shame that supermarkets aren’t allowed to sell ripened bananas. If the bananas get spotted, they can’t put them out on the market. Instead of selling bananas to the people, they throw away the bananas! I’ve seen stores do that before.

As I got more into this lifestyle, I began liking bananas more and more. I quickly adjusted to their delicious taste. I think in my opinion, when you first start this lifestyle, you may not like certain fruits and vegetables; that’s OK. It may take some time for your taste buds to adjust, but once they do, you will be enjoying more fruits and vegetables. I learned more about the importance of eating ripe fruits.

Why You’re Feeling BlG (Bloated, Inflamed & Glassy) After Eating Fruits

The answer is simple: you aren’t eating ripe fruits. And if you are, you’re not properly combining them with the right produce (a.k.a ‘food combining‘). Eating truly ripe fruits is very important for optimal health. The point of eating fruits is to eat them only when they’re ripe, not unripe. Eating unripe fruits cause all sorts of complications in your body that you want to avoid. Plus, unripe fruits are not enjoyable.


What Happens When You Eat Unripe Fruits? Uh-oh…

is it good or bad to eat unripe fruitI’ll admit I’ve eaten some unripe fruits along my journey, but I learned from it. Whenever I ate unripe fruits, it felt like I was sinning. For instance, mangoes are one of my top favorite fruits on this earth. There were times when I peeled open a mango and ate it unripe (it was firm to the touch, not that soft). I knew that that mango wasn’t fully ripe (certain spots of the mango were softer than other areas), but I peeled it open anyway. The mango wasn’t sweet and soft enough. I’ve eaten unripe bananas, mangoes, pineapple, tomatoes and other fruits unripe… but that had to come to an end.

Eating unripe fruits causes bloating, inflammation, indigestion, upset tummy, fermentation, and gases. It’s very important to eat ripe fruits for those very reasons. If you’re allergic to a certain fruit (let’s say bananas), you may be allergic because you’re eating them unripe!


Allowing your fruits to ripen properly is very vital for optimal health. Your tummy will thank you for eating ripe fruits. Eating unripe fruits is like not soaking your nuts and seeds; indigestion, gases, fermentation, bloating, and inflammation occurs. Eating unripe fruit may be the reason why you don’t like fruits in the first place. Unripe fruits are not only very starchy, but their natural sugar content are not yet active, which is why the fruit is not sweet. Ripe fruits sugar content are active, making riper fruits sweeter than unripe ones. ALWAYS eat ripe fruits! Even if it means not having a banana for your smoothie, never eat unripe fruits. It will do you no good.


You want optimal health and optimal digestion, eat RIPE fruits! Know when fruits are ripe. 


How to Ripen Fruits Fast 

Fruits are so unique. Not all fruits were created equally, so not all fruits will ripen the same way. A pineapple will not ripen like a banana would. Certain fruits ripen quicker than others, while other fruits ripen slowly. Do a Google search on a specific fruit that you’re interested in to find our how to speed up it’s ripeness. Here are my 4 tips for ripening bananas, mangoes, pineapples and avocados.

BANANAS – store in brown paper bags (or in a dark counter/room area. The darker the storage area is,the quicker the bananas will ripen. A ripe banana will have spots on them. They should look like the cheetah. If you do a Google search on “ripe bananas”, you’ll see photos of cheetah, spotted bananas, not yellow! 

MANGOES – store in brown paper bags (or in a dark counter/room area. The darker the storage area is,the quicker the bananas will ripen. A ripe banana will have spots on them. They should look like the cheetah. 

PINEAPPLE – remove the top green spiky leaves and turn the pineapple upside down. A ripe pineapple will be mostly yellow, with little green areas. The pineapple should smell ripe (fresh and juicy… a pineapple smell). If a pineapple burns your tongue (bleeding may occur), then that’s a sign that the pineapple isn’t fully ripe yet.

AVOCADOS – store in a dry, dark place. Lift up the pit from the top of the avocado to see the color inside of the avocado. If it’s a light green color, it’s a pretty color inside. When you buy avocados at the store, make sure to purchase it with the brown pit on top, because small bugs like to go inside the avocado. Plus, the fruit stays more fresh that way.

Feeling BIG after eating fruits is an uncomfortable feeling; who wants to feel like that? Fruits makes you feel ALIVE and HAPPY, not give you an upset stomach and make you moody. Always make sure eat ripe fruits and learn how to properly ripen them, so you don’t feel BIG afterwards.

So, please do yourself a favor next time you eat bananas: NEVER peel a banana with no spots (a completely yellow banana. Shown in the image below) and eat it! You guaranteed you, you will feel BIG! Plus, it doesn’t taste sweet. It tastes sour, bitter and starchy. The natural sugars are not yet activated.
unripe bananas

~ Monsanto owns Del Monte and Dole.
Do not buy Del Monte and Dole bananas, you never know, there could be traces of GMOs inside the banana. Instead, buy Banacol, Chiquita and 1A1 bananas, they’re the best! The 1A1 bananas are ungased.

I hope this post was helpful for you! Please post a comment below if you experienced BIG after eating unripe fruits.

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