fast: day 6 (a little update)

hi everyone! hope you’re all enjoying your summer weekend! hope it’s sunny where you live! where i live, it is! this morning when i woke up, i sat in the sun with my dad in the backyard for 4-5 hours! it was truly epic! we talked about wonderful different topics. it was nice and wonderful, even though flies and bees were bothering me. oh well. that’s part of nature, right. 

i didn’t drink any juice today actually. which explains why i didn’t name this post “juice fast” like i normally did on the other posts. so today was a water fast day! i am feeling the detox symptoms, too. we both felt lethargic, light headed, sore muscles, increase and decrease of energy, lighter, and mental clarity. 

my dad and i watched “the secret“. i wasn’t going to blog about my day 6, as i felt tired, lethargic, loopy, and my hands (and feet) felt really light – i just couldn’t write or blog. then somehow i got my energy back 😉

well that’s all for today guys! i’ll give you another update like this tomorrow. have a great day! hugs! 😀 


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  1. i tried one week fast a long time ago. it was pretty challenging. have you tried eating watermelon during your fast? my partner and i fast usually 2-3 days a week because we test and develop recipes so often and sometimes it’s great to fast afterwards. we normally have juices around and snack on watermelon to get through the day. good luck with the fasting! don’t go too long 🙂

  2. Wow, you and your dad are really doing great! I think juice-fasts sounds great and enjoyable, but I think water-fast would be way too hardcore for me 😉 Good luck to you, and have a wonderful week!

    • thanks! haha 😉 it can be if you’re a newbie at it. i thought the same exact thing as you did…. thought juice fasting was more fun and enjoyable while water fast is a bit more intense. maybe in the future you might end up doing a water fast.

      thanks for your support, ragnhild! you have a wonderful week, as well!! 🙂


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