Earthly Tones Detox Red Beet Elixir Juice

red beet elixir juice
red detox elxir juice
Ever since going raw, I have been loving juicing & smoothies! I mean, they are just so epic. Juices & smoothies makes a quick & satisfying meal. This juice will cleanse, detox & give you energy! This is one sweet, delicious, detoxing vegetable (and fruit) juice recipe ever!!
detox energy red beet ingredients
red beet elxir ingredients
epic red beet exlixir juice ingredients
red beets collage
I really adore the beauty & color of beets, especially red ones. I have quickly fell in love with them. I felt the powers in this juice. I hope you make this juice soon. It has so many great benefits. This will cleanse you blood, great for bone strength, detoxify your livers & kidneys, relieves headaches, aches, high in fiber, and much more! This juice couldn’t have gotten any redder (rad-er) then this. I truly admire the beautiful colour. They say don’t judge a book by its cover; well, don’t judge this juice by its colors! It is equally sweet & spicy (ginger). Most people would judge this juice and say it’s gross. I promise you, this is beyond that. Just give it a try. Hopefully you like it. 🙂
 this juice is epicly red! hehe;)
epic elixir red beet juice 
Glorious Red Detoxifying Elixir Juice:
Serves 2
1 whole organic red beet (stem & root)
• 3 celery organic stalks
• 3 organic carrots, peeled if you like
• handful fresh organic parsley
• 1 fresh ginger
• 6 oranges, peeled
Wash, peel & cut as needed. Juice it! Drink it! Enjoy it! Feel the wonderful powers! 
beautiful glorious red juice! 
 beautiful glorious red beet juice
red beets earthly tones juice

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