Are you a health company or business and would like to collaborate with Miliany? She is always open to product samples to review on her blogs to share with her thousands of global followers and readers. Miliany loves to support companies who are making a difference in the world and who are making a positive impact on the lives (health) of people. Miliany has written over dozens of product reviews for well known companies like Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Wondercide, Shanti Bar, Coco Roselle (popular in Australia & in New Zealand), Morrocco Method, Living Libations, and much more! You can view all of the product reviews Miliany has written and published here on Raw Vegan Living by clicking this link.


Miliany is a world-renowned, health and wellness blogger of 3 websites. She has readers and followers from all walks of life, living in differet parts of the world. Her blogs and posts get a lot of pageviews (in the millions!) and she ranks fr many keywords. View her product gallery below for the top products she has reviewed and received! 



Miliany has the potential to increase a company’s sales and bring you new customers. 

So if you’re interested in sending Miliany samples of your product(s) to review, the product(s) MUST be raw vegan, organic, GMO-free, and free from wheat, refined sugar and agave, and of course, dairy, eggs and cannot be tested on animals or contain any animal by-product.  

When emailing Miliany in regards to this type of collaboration, please include the website and company or business name so she can check you guys out beforehand.



In return for samples, Miliany will usually do the following. Please keep in mind, depending on what product(s) she receives, the following to do’s will vary.


  • Write a product review on all the products I was sent within 60 days on sampling your products on
  • Give your company a social media shoutout on all my social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus)
  • Email blast her lists of thousands about your products
  • Add your products to her soon to launch online raw foods health store and link the products back to your store
  • Maybe become an affiliate (if you offer this and if it’s something I’d be interested in)



If you were to send me sample(s), this is how I plan on promoting your products via social media:


Please note: all my social shoutouts are done on all my Facebook fan pages + my personal Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus.  I will email you the links to the review post once published and also send you the links to the social media shoutouts.


The Initial Shoutout

The initial shoutout is the first shoutout I give your company. This shoutout is done the day I receive your products via Facebook (my personal page + fan page), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus.


The 2nd Social Shoutout

Once I have sampled your product(s), I will give you guys another shoutout before the review post is published. This shoutout will be done on all my social accounts. If you are a food company, the second shoutout post will be sharing my love for your products along with a recipe on how I used your product(s) so far. If you’re a non-food company, the pre-review post shoutout will contain info about how amazing your product(s) are and how I am enjoying it.


The 3rd Social Shoutout

The third shoutout post is the post review shoutout post. This is given after the review post has been published.


The 4th Social Shoutout

This is done a few weeks/month after the review post has been published the review on her blog to kinda remind her followers how amazing your products are.


Keep in mind: Typically, the social shoutouts Miliany gives are never-ending. So in other words, if she loves a product and it can benefit her followers, she will continue giving shoutouts on the company throughout the years. Of course, she will tag you guys in all her social pics. So this is not a one-time offer; it’s a lifetime!


The social shoutouts are a great way to help spread and bring expose to your brand/company and hopefully bring you new customers and sales.


If interested in sending me samples so I can review, please email me at or my assistant, Tonya at and we will send you over my mailing address.

The day I receive your products, I will email you personally to thank you and confirm that I safely received the products. I will then be in contact with you via email to let you know when I plan on publishing the review post and request an exclusive discount code so I can give my readers and followers a percentage off their order, if possible. Once published, I will send you the link to the review post. All I ask is that you like and share with your customers/followers socially.



Please read and understand the terms of service set forth below.



Miliany has the right to decide whether or not she wants to write a product review on any and all products she receives.

Please understand that Miliany will ONLY write a product review on a product if she really liked it. If by any chance Miliany did not like or enjoy a product she was sent to review, then please don’t expect a review post from her, as she will only publish review posts from products she enjoyed and what her followers would enjoy, too. Miliany will let you know whether or not she will publish a review after sampling the products.

The time frame for Miliany to publish a product review is within 90 days upon sampling product(s). Depending on the product, the review can be posted much sooner. It can take anywhere from 30-165 days for Miliany to publish a review post, so please be patient. 


So in order words, Miliany is NOT obligated to write a review on any product she receives UNLESS she decides to write a review or not. The decision of writing a review or not can be made at any given time after she has received and reviewed the product herself, for whatever reason(s). 



All the product reviews and shoutouts Miliany writes and gives to companies are FREE. She is NEVER paid for promoting, sharing and writing good things about a company. Miliany only promotes raw vegan, organic, GMO-free products, and it’s all done wholeheartedly.



Miliany has thousands of followers and readers from all over the world who look up to her. Although she has the potential to bring you more customers, Miliany cannot always guarantee that with her social shoutouts, email blasts and blogposts that your company will make revenue by her referral. Though, Miliany has been known to bring companies more new customers, but is not something she can guarantee.



Here is one of Miliany’s greatest testimonials written by Jamie, the CEO and founder of Daily GREEN Boost. This is what he has to say about the increase in sales Miliany’s product review brought his company. 

You posted a review of DGB on your blog at the end of October that offered your readers a coupon code and the sales are still coming in. So far your coupon code has generated over $900.00 in sales.  That’s over $900.00 in sales in just over 3 months.  This is a significant amount of sales for a small business like mine.
And many of these orders were not for just 1 bottle.  Many of the orders were for 2 or 4 bottles and one order was for a case of 12 bottles.  This is rare for someone that is trying my product for the first time and shows how much your readers trust and value your recommendation.
Thank you for your review and support of Daily Green Boost.  I hope you have continued success helping other small businesses like mine to find high-quality new customers.  And I look forward to working with you more in the future.

By partnering up with Miliany, you agree with her terms above.



All that Miliany asks for in return is that you simply like, share and repost her social media shoutout/content she did for you on your social accounts, as she would greatly appreciate it. 


Thank you for your interest and partnership!

By sending Miliany samples, you agree to the above terms of service. 
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