Coconut Dates Almond Kale Green Smoothie

coconut, dates, almond, kale, smoothie
Coconut. Dates. Almond. Kale. Smoothie. Four of my favorite things all blended up into one. This smoothie is sweet and delicious – you should make this ASAP! I wanted to add bananas, but none were ripe.=( Adding bananas would have been really epic. I love bananas. My dad and I both loved this smoothie; so we will most likely make it again with bananas – so it’s all good. Well at least you know before hand that bananas are acceptable in this reason (and recommended!). 

This smoothie is great after a workout, because it will give you boost of energy, protein and keep you full (due to the high fiber content this smoothie provides!). This smoothie contains happy healthy fats, vitamins such A, C, K & B12, minerals, nutrients, aids in weight loss, helps with memory, improves vision, great for blood plasma (blood transfusion!), and so much more! 
Just pure epicness!
coconut dates almond kale green smoothie
open young coconut

I love kale & coconut. In fact, kale is one of my favorite vegetables. It has so many wonderful health benefits such as improving vision, vitamin K, C & A, plus so much more! Coconut is also my favorite tropical fruit. Coconuts remind me of my love affair for avocados. Both are so creamy, delicious and perfect! Okay, I know nobody’s perfect, but fruits and vegetables are the most perfect thing on planet earth. That’s real life, people. Real life. 

Coconut is a super food that I think everyone should eat! See for yourself here.
open young coconuts

Did you know? Kale is the king of all vegetables. Coconut water is almost identical to blood plasma. And greens (veggies) are basically composed of chlorophyll (which is just like hemoglobin). Hemoglobin is a red protein that is responsible add bananasfor transporting oxygen to the blood of vertebrates. Its molecule contains four sub units  each in which contain an iron atom bound to a heme group. Blood is made up of 55% plasma, and 45% hemoglobin – so when you blend a drink of 55% coconut water and 45% green smoothie (green veggies) – you get a blood transfusion! 
Interesting, right?! Bet you didn’t know that?!;) Well now you do! That is what I like to call an elixir. An elixir smoothie is what I call this goodness. 

young coconuts
I feel an epic blood transfusion coming at its extremes!!!
green coconut dates almond smoothie
green coconut smoothie


Coconut Dates Almond Kale Smoothie Elixir:

  • Meat of 1 young coconut meat & water (about 11/2 cup water)
  • 10-16 (1 cup) pitted dates
  • Heaping handfuls of raisins or 4 tbsp raw coconut nectar (more or less, optional, but i added both;)
  • 2 tbsp almond butter or 2 tbsp nut butter of choice (i used pecan with cashews)
  • 3 or more organic kale leaves (i used lacinato kale – my fave;)
  • 11/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
young coconut water in blender
coconut dates almond kale smoothie ingredients in blender

Wash the kale, pit the dates and crack open your coconut. Place the coconut’s water in your blender, & scoop out the meat & place it in your blender. Add the rest of the ingredients in your blender & blend until smooth. Pour it. Drink it. Sip it. Smile. Love it. Share it. Enjoy it! =)

green smoothies
green smoothie love
green coconut kale almond dates smoothie

spread the green smoothie love! <3

coconut kale almond dates smoothie elixir

Do you add bananas like coconuts? Do you like kale, too? Have you ever tried lacinato kale? What’s your favorite kale? Have you ever blended coconut and kale together in a smoothie? If so, how did you like it? Feel free to post a comment in the box below. =) 

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  1. Thank you so much for this recipe idea it’s delicious! I have just recently began a mainly raw vegan diet and am wondering does it come out a lot more expensive then, say, a regular starch and meat based diet? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Thank you! Congrats on your newly raw journey! 🙂

      A raw food diet is well worth your money. It all depends on where you shop/buy your produce at and how you buy it. If you buy in retail, it will be a bit more expensive. Buying in wholesale is the best because you not only get a large bulk of produce, but you save money, too. You have to know where to shop for the best prices.Once you find great prices, a raw food diet becomes cheap! When you know how to shop and look for the best prices, yes, a raw food diet is cheaper than a meat-based diet. There are foods in the raw food diet, such as super foods that are expensive than your ordinary foods/fruits/veggies. Plus, it’s worth your health in the long run.

      This recipe will fill 2, 16 ounce jars (as shown in the picture above). In other words, this smoothie makes 4 cups of smoothie.

      Thank you!

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