3 out of 8 Raw Vegans & Vegans Who Inspired Me Mini Series: Bethanne Wanamaker (AKA Edible Goddess)

Bethanne Wanamaker+Bethanne Wanamaker is an epic raw vegan, who is my inspiration and raw role model. I knew Bethanne just around the same time I was introduced to Lauren. Lauren and Bethanne are close friends, in fact! I read Bethanne’s blog, watched her videos and followed her ever since. Her story is so inspiring and touching, it made me want to cry! 
Bethanne has a wonderful, sweet spirit and a positive vibe. She has been an inspiration to me along my journey, and I am so happy I found her! She inspires and will continue to inspire others!!! If you don’t know who Bethanne Wanamaker is, I highly recommend reading this post! You will be inspired and loved by her story. After reading and knowing about Bethanne’s story, you will have a better understanding on why she IS called an “Edible Goddess”, and that she IS! 

edible goddess bethanne wanamaker WHAT IS AN “EDIBLE GODDESS”?
She’s a health-conscious, self-empowered woman who embraces her divine feminine energy, takes the absolute best care of herself possible, recognizes that her body is a temple, takes in a massive amount of nutrition via fresh food that grows organically from our beautiful Earth, treats her skin with luxurious indulgences infused with healing herbs, lives & loves a progressive holistic lifestyle, takes action in alignment with her values, trusts that the Universe conspires in her favor, and believes in herself. 
 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  

Bethanne Wanamaker, AKA Edible Goddess, is a raw vegan, holistic & raw food nutrition educator, Health Crusader, speaker & author of multiple recipe books!, Creator and founder of the Chocolate Goldies Edible Goddess Skincare. She teaches classes/workshops. There, she offers coaching about the lifestyle, private nutrition, group coaching, retreats and more! She lives to help, inspire and motivate others to be the best and healthiest they can be! She shares her special talents and gifts through her handmade chocolate (that’s made with love!), her retreats, coaching, videos, teachings and recipes! Her inspiring message is: “Live as a health example of what’s possible, raise your standards and refuse to compromise the, don’t settle for less, and shine a guiding light on those you love to help them eliminate needless suffering”

“Declare your own glory. Recognize your power. Acknowledge your beauty. Admit your strengthens. Give yourself credit. Live your truth. Play full out always. Revel in yourself. Celebrate YOU. Expect miracles daily. Shine out loud and be bright like the moon”. ~ Bethanne Wanamaker.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Bethanne has come a long way in her journey. She has transformed her mind, body and well-being. She has such an inspiring story; look at her before and after pictures transformation here! Read her interview her with Lauren Amerson, read her featured post her with “we like it raw” and read her featured post, “beautiful voices: Bethanne Wanamaker”

Bethanne creates beautiful looking recipes that are so unique, beautiful and creative! I love her recipes! They’re amazing! Her pictures are beautiful, mouth-watering and worth drooling over! 
click on the 1st 2 food pics below to get the recipe! <3 nom, nom, nom!
Triple Layered Jungle Peanut Butter Cake
Butterscotch Ice Cream Cake
super food delight pudding
banana berries chocolate cake pie
watch Lauren & Bethanne’s video “Simple Tips for Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes”. 
When Bethanne was only 22 years old, her mother was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and that same year (2001), Bethanne’s mother died. It was a dramatic time in her life; she was devastated. That same year, Bethanne was enlightened and discovered holistic medicine and and other holistic healing methods. She had lost both her parents. Through this tragic tragedy in her life, she was able to become and grow stronger as a woman. She became more empowered and an Edible Goddess! You can read her full story here and more in her interview with Lauren.
Bethanne’s health was not right. She used to smoke, eat junk, processed foods; not treat her body right, and she wasn’t feeling well; she basically tortured her body. Now, she is as healthy as can be, inspiring women an letting her light shine. Her skin looks great, she looks and feels young (when i first saw a pic of her, the 1st picture above, i said to myself, “wow! she looks like a little kid! how old is she”? she was an adult! she looked like she was 19-20’s! that’s the power of raw foods! ;), and she’s the healthiest she can be now! 

She stopped smoking, too! She has a beautiful spirit and her story is just so…. WOW! She’s so cute, strong and motivating. 😉 Bethanne’s goal is to motivate and inspire others to be healthy, look within themselves, shine their special light and be an Edible Goddess! She is a BIG motivation and inspiration!!!! I can write a long essay about Bethanne, as she has such an amazing and inspiring story! 
bethanne wanamaker and her dog
Most raw vegans and vegans should know Bethanne Wanamaker and how epic and inspiring she is. If you don’t know her, I highly recommend reading about her, watch her videos, read her blog, follow her and send her some love! Let her know you found her threw me. 🙂 
bethanne wanamaker
To connect with Bethanne, please follow her in the links below: 
P.S. Bethanne, if you’re reading this – PLEASE post a comment below!! I’d mean the raw world to me!! Hugs! 😀 

edible goddess bethanne wanamaker

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  1. WOW! Omgoddess Miliany.. this is incredibly heart-warming to read! I’m in awe and deep gratitude that you did this and thrilled to know I’ve had this positive effect of you! I wake up to inspire others and be the catalyst, and it means everything to me to know that that’s what I AM doing. You’re amaaaaaazing and I appreciate you! Keep following your intuition; you’ve got a VERY bright future ahead of yourself. XO

    • =) You’re very welcome, lovely!! Thanks for the comment. You are a true inspiration to me and to SO many!! Keep up your lovely work! Aww… Thank YOU for your sweet words!! As you can tell, i appreciate you very much! Thanks! 🙂

      XOXO 😀

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