2 out of 9 Raw Vegans & Vegans Who Inspired Me Mini Series: Lauren Amerson (AKA the Shakti Goddess)

Lauren Amerson the Shakti Goddes+Lauren Amerson is one of my raw role models. She has also been a big influence in me wanting to go raw. The first video I ever saw of Lauren was her, “how to make your own raw almond butter & almond flour video“. I started watching more and more of her videos, and I was inspired and hooked! Her videos were a big inspiration for me to go raw, as well. 
You can feel Lauren’s positive energy and her great vibe. Lauren has been a HUGE motivation and inspiration to me, and to SO many others, as well!!! If you don’t know about Lauren, you should really continue reading this post! I believe EVERY raw vegan and vegan should know about her! For those who know her, you are in on inspirations, and you already know how epic she is! 😉 
Lauren Amerson holds a few titles: shakti goddess, yogi, raw vegan, electric, self-taught artist (she’s a great artist! you should check out her art work!); raw vegan superfoodists, she has a background in message therapy, and dancer. She loves nature, tattoos and animals, as well. She has the desire to learn, blessed with an abundance of creative energy and a fairy spirit. Lauren is a very interesting person – I highly recommend looking into her. She loves getting creative in the kitchen, and I must say, her recipes – are amazing!! Her food pictures are beautiful, too! She wrote a raw chocolate book called, “Homemade Chocolate in the Raw”! You can read more interesting fun facts about her here! I recommend watch her interview here, too. 
homemade chocolate in the raw book
her food pictures are unique, creative & beautiful! all so mouth-watering and drooling!  
raw yummy salad
green raw web soup
raw vegan fruit pies nut free
lauren amerson food collage

this was actually my 1st raw recipe i saw from Lauren. it’s a pitted date stuffed with almond butter & bee pollen. YUM!!
I’ve known Lauren in the beginning of my journey. I absolutely love watching her videos! They are like a treat for me! She has a cool personality, too! The messages she sends through her videos are important, motivating and inspiring! Lauren is a BIG inspiration to me, and I can’t wait to meet her! She’s really epic, smart, beautiful and inspiring! Her videos brings me happiness. She is such a great raw role model to follow! Lauren is another one; I can write a long essay for her, too! She has a variety of interests and insights. 
raw vegan chef lauren amerson
Lauren’s mission is to motivate, inspire and reconnect with others, help embrace their creative expressions and share her special gifts with the world and those who she may come in contact with. She shares her special gifts through her recipe books, YouTube videos, blog posts, art, raw food, and raw food classes. She has two YouTube channels: one is focused on food recipes (Shakti Goddess1) and the other one (Lauren Amerson) offers a variety of her interests and insights. I am SO happy I found her and her videos! She is epic just like Kristina! I could just brag and brag about how epic Lauren (and all the epic raw vegans and vegans that are inspiring) is. She’s (and all) great! I hope to meet her in person one day, maybe at the Woodstock Fruit Festival! I’m pretty sure she’s going. I am so happy I came across Lauren! 

2 of my favorite raw vegans in the same picture! ha. 2 great role models. 😉 love them!
Most raw vegans and vegans should know Lauren Amerson, and how epic and inspiring she is. If you don’t know her, I highly recommend reading more about her, watch her videos, read her blog, follow her and send her some love! Let her know you found her through me. 🙂 
lauren amerson
To connect with Lauren, please follow her in the links below: 
Shakti Goddess Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShaktiGoddess1
Shakti Goddess Instagram: http://instagram.com/shaktigoddess/ (OMG… her pictures are gorgeous, drooling, breathtaking and yummy-looking!! I couldn’t even handle and I was looking at the pictures while on my juice fast, too! oh well.) 
P.S. Lauren, if you’re reading this – PLEASE post a comment below!! I’d mean the raw world to me!! 😀 Hugs! 🙂 
lauren amerson

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    • Hey, Lauren! No problem! I enjoyed featuring you. You’re awesome, interesting and inspiring!! 🙂 Yes, I am pretty sure we’ll meet in person at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. =) Thank You!!! I will always spread the rawesome love!!! 🙂

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